Similar to Chanel 4's game Countdown, but this is my fun version, with no limit on team numbers or participants. Play solo or with others, it's your choice. 

If you have never seen chanel 4' Countdown, this is a brief rundown on how the game is played: 

  • Word rounds: Each team gets a chance to pick nine letters, consisting of a mixture of consonants and vowels. Then everyone gets a timer lasting 30 seconds to find the longest word they can. At the end of the time I ask each team to confirm how long their word is, submitted words are checked against the system dictionary. Valid words are then scored according to length. 
  • Number rounds: Teams choose which combination of high and low numbers they want, then with the 6 numbers provided try to reach the three figure target in the 30 second time limit using + - / *. Points are awarded dependent upon how close they get to the goal.
  • Final round - the Conundrum: At the end of the game there is the final 9 letter conundrum, which could be crucial!


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