Welcome to Fore Fun Entertainment.

I can offer a lot of different services and events for your venue - all of which can be customised to your requirements.

Each event is run to be fun, friendly and to encourage participation by everyone.

For your business this can bring customers to you who will have a fun time. They will be busy chatting and drinking, and these types of fun events also tend to promote returned custom and therefore returned business and revenue for your venue.

For most events there is at least one break in the middle, allowing time for everyone to have a comfort break, and of course give the chance for customers to order more drinks/food/snacks etc.

If you have the facilities, all of the events can be shown on screen and can allow for video quiz questions etc.

The biggest question you are probably asking yourself is "How much will all of this cost me?"

Well, I offer three different payment options:

  • Team members pay to attend the quiz, and I take this money as my fee. I provide a prize for the winning and losing teams.

  • You pay my fee for the quiz, and the money paid by the team members is given as the prize to the winning team, less a small amount to cover a losers prize.

  • You pay my fee for the quiz and also provide the prizes, but keep the payments received from the teams.

I am sure you will have many questions and I look forward to hearing from you:

tel: 01209 311061Quizzy

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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